Appproval Workflow Toolkit

Intro to SHARE 9.2 Job Aid

ELM 101 Job Aid

Reports Catalog

Run a Report

FY18 Year End Agency Cleanup Queries

Drill Down Functionality

Personalize Your Lines Tab

Add an Ad-hoc Approver

Clear Cache


Purchasing Inquiry Role

Submit a Denied Requisition

Purchase Order Origin Codes

Printing Purchase Orders

Receiving Required Option on Purchase Order

PO Close Process Job Aid

        - Close a PO Job Aid
        - Cancel a PO Job Aid
        - Close a PO Line Job Aid
        - Cancel a PO Line Job Aid
        - PO Change Order
        - Close a Requisition
        - Return Money from PO to Procurement Contract

Procurement Contracts

Simulation: Create a Requisition

Simulation: Create a Purchase Order

Simulation: Approve a Purchase Order

Simulation: Resubmit a Denied Purchase Order

Simulation: Create a New Version of a Procurement Contract

Acounts Payable

Payables Inquiry Role

View Supplier Information

Create an Adjustment Voucher

Prepaid Voucher (Travel Advances) Process

Create a Prepaid Voucher (TRAVEL ADVANCES)

Unmatching Vouchers

Review Matching Exceptions

Simulation: Create a Voucher from a Purchase Order

Simulation: Create a New Voucher

Simulation: Approve or Deny a Voucher

Simulation: Create a Prepaid Voucher (Travel Advances)

General Ledger

General Ledger Inquiry Role

Spreadsheet Upload Process

GL Subsystem Reconciliation

Simulation: Create a Journal Entry Online

Simulation: Edit a Journal Entry

Simulation: Approve a Journal Entry

Commitment Control

Commitment Control Inquiry Role

Simulation: Approve a Budget Journal

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Inquiry Role

Item Interface Upload


Grants Inquiry Role

Contracts and Billing Inquiry Role

Add / Create a Project from a Customer Contract

Facilities and Administration Costs

OLT Rows Processing in Project Costing

Correct Interface Errors

Simulation: Contracts to Billing Interface and Process Billing Interface

Simulation: Review and Approve a Billing Worksheet

Simulation: Single Action Invoice Job

Simulation: Run Letter of Credit Job

Asset Management

Asset Management Inquiry Role

Create an Asset Profile

Use the Mass Transaction Manager

Simulation: Perform a Transfer

Simulation: Perform a Cost Adjustment

Simulation: Mass Transaction Manager

Simulation: Asset Disposal Worksheet