SHARE Collaboration


"SHARE Forgot Your Password" is a self-service, password management function that enables you to reset your expired or forgotten password when necessary. With Forgot Your Password, you are issued a temporary password via e-mail based on a question and answer you predefine in "My System Profile." The Forgot Your Password link is integrated into the HCM login screen and synchronizes your password to Financials.

If you prefer a quick reference, download the job aids below. Each procedure only takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete:

  • If you need to set up or verify "My System Profile," download:
    Setting Up My System Profile (Quick Steps)

  • If you ALREADY set up My System Profile, and you need to reset your password, download:
    Resetting Your Password with FYP (Quick Steps)

  • Experiencing problems/issues with SHARE Forgot Your Password?

    Access the FYP troubleshooting references listed below. If the problem/issue you are experiencing is not resolved with these references, please email or call (505) 827-2121.