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SHARE FIN 9.2 Upgrade

Coming to the State of New Mexico October 2017

This video gives a preview of some of the exciting new features of SHARE Financials 9.2. Watch to learn about the benefits of the upgrade, as well as what to expect after Go-Live.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Payroll processing will begin as regularly scheduled on Tuesday, May 23rd. We have updated global user access of timesheets and approvals to be VIEW ONLY while payroll is running. Once payroll processing is complete, user access will be returned to normal. This is the same procedure we had prior to the upgrade, and it will be the procedure we follow for each payroll processing period going forward.

Visit the SHARE Collaboration Center!

It's here! The SHARE Collaboration Center is live and ready for you to access important information related to the SHARE Upgrade. The red 'SHARE Collaboration’ tab in the top right-hand corner of the page will take you to the Collaboration Center home page. Explore the links on the right hand menu to access the different types of information available to you. Don't forget to visit the Training page to take your SHARE HCM 9.2 online training courses!

SHARE HCM 9.2 Troubleshooting Guide

This Troubleshooting Guide is your best resource for solving many of the issues you may have with SHARE HCM 9.2. Please follow the steps in this guide before contacting the Help Desk. If you still cannot resolve your issue, please visit the Who to Contact page.

SHARE Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A lot of people have been asking us about the SHARE Upgrade. We couldn't be more excited! Please follow the links below to find answers to your questions more quickly and easily.

Positive Time Reporting FAQ

Countdown to SHARE HCM 9.2

Are you ready for SHARE HCM 9.2? Watch this video to learn the five most critical things you need to do to prepare for April 28th!

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Employee Self Service

Coming to the State of New Mexico April 28th, 2017

This video demonstrates new functionality coming with SHARE HCM 9.2, called Employee Self Service. Learn more about what you’ll be able to do using ESS in SHARE 9.2.

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SHARE 9.2 New Look and Feel

Coming to the State of New Mexico April 28th, 2017

This video showcases the new look and feel of SHARE HCM 9.2. Learn more about the benefits of the new look of SHARE 9.2 and how to navigate to the pages you use most.

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Positive Time Reporting

Coming to the State of New Mexico April 28th, 2017

This video gives an overview of the new process for positive time reporting. Learn about the benefits of this change, as well as what to expect after Go-Live.

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A New Way of Reporting Time

Coming to the State of New Mexico April 2017

The SHARE Upgrade Team would like to announce a transformational change coming to the State of New Mexico. Beginning in April 2017, state employees will report the actual hours they work every week, instead of only reporting exceptions from their scheduled hours, such as time off or sick leave. Supervisors will then approve the hours reported by each employee, rather than relying on scheduled hours to make approvals.

Benefits of this positive time reporting process include:

  • Time reporting that empowers employees to take responsibility and ownership for reporting the hours they worked

  • Time approvals that are easier to understand for managers and supervisors

  • Increased accuracy of payroll data

  • Alignment with HR best practices and the way many other organizations report time

Positive time reporting will be a more consistent way for all employees to report and approve time. Together, we are a part of moving the State of New Mexico forward with more transparent and standardized time reporting.

The SHARE Upgrade Team is committed to sharing more information about this change with employees in the coming months. The team will provide training for positive time reporting prior to the change in April 2017. For more information about positive time reporting, please refer to the FAQ document linked below.

Positive Time Reporting FAQ
Positive Time Reporting Flier

NEW FEATURE - View, Print, or Save Your Pay Advice

View, print, or save your pay advice is a new feature under Employee Self Service (ESS) within SHARE HCM that enables employees to now view, print, or save copies of their Pay Advices.

ESS gives you secure password-protected access to view and print a copy of your Pay Advices issued from January 1, 2016 and thereafter.

Here is the SHARE navigation path: Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > My Paycheck

For more detailed information regarding this new Share feature, please refer to the following document links:

How to View/Print/Save Your Pay Advice

Pay Advice FAQ

PeopleSoft v9.2 Browser Requirements—Time to Prepare Your Agency!

From the SHARE Tech Alert - September 2016

The SHARE Upgrade Team is working to update SHARE to the most current version of its software, PeopleSoft v9.2. This upgrade provides benefits to users and the state, including increased standardization, enhanced features, and a more user-friendly experience. In order to effectively use SHARE after the upgrade, some users may need to update the internet browser they use to access SHARE.

PeopleSoft v.92 is not certified for and will not work with versions of Internet Explorer (IE) earlier than version 11. Therefore, beginning with the HCM Go-Live in April 2017, those users who use IE as their internet browser will be required to upgrade to the newest version, IE 11, to access SHARE. Users may also access SHARE with alternative internet browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

IT organizations within agencies should begin to prepare now for browser compatibility, supporting users with either a path to upgrade to IE 11 or an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, if needed. To continue to access those agency-owned applications that may require older versions of IE, users should choose to run multiple browsers on a computer and use an alternative browser to access SHARE after the April Go-Live.

The SHARE team is currently providing additional communications and engaging SMARTnet, a network of change agents for the upgrade, to make sure all users are prepared to fully utilize the benefits of the new system. We will continue to communicate about this dependency over the next several months to ensure users and agencies are adequately informed.

For information and updates about the SHARE upgrade, visit the SHARE Information Website or email the SHARE upgrade team at

The SHARE Upgrade—Project Goals and Priorities

From the SHARE Tech Alert - MAY 2016

The SHARE upgrade is not just a technology update for the system; it involves many different aspects of the work we do—state operations, business processes, system training programs, and our working culture across agencies. To make sure each of these aspects are addressed during the upgrade effort, the SHARE team brought together key leaders and team members to discuss the objectives of the upgrade and how they align with agency needs.

This discussion led us to the project goals and priorities displayed below, which act as the guide for all activities that the SHARE upgrade team will engage in during the next 18-24 months. While keeping these in mind, the upgrade team aims to build a foundation for future progress that agencies and state leadership can use to continue improving state operations.

These goals will be included in many of the activities that the SHARE upgrade team will be leading in the next few months—be sure to look for them again. Please also feel free to send questions about the upgrade and its goals directly to the SHARE upgrade team at As a reminder, the SHARE team is not accepting SHARE enhancement projects at this time to focus on providing value to agencies through the upgrade.